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United Europeans of North America
2008 - 2009

U.E.N.A. a month before New Europe is declared.

Capital Never specified

Official language English, European languages

Demonym none

Government Fascist Confederation
Jungführer Wilhelm von Hartmann
Chancellor James Russell
Head of the Diety Catherine Willoughby

Currency U.S. Dollar ($)

Historical era Pre-MicroWiki
– Established 12 June 2008
– Disestablished 20 January 2009

Preceded by U.R.N.A
Succeeded by Empire of New Europe

The United Europeans of North America, (U.E.N.A.), was the second attempt to establish a pro-white cause by individuals that would go one to become the leaders of the Empire of New Europe.


The functions and practice within the U.E.N.A. was similar to the old U.R.N.A. at first. A dictatorship divided by three individuals, only now the group had an ideology behind them that most followed. A term called by James Russell, "True Fascism". True Fascism was believed by many to be the only way to secure a safe and healthy future for ethnic Europeans living under ill treatment or felt mistreated by non-whites.

In the end, though Wilhelm von Hartmann was officially the leader, Russell called most of the shots. And he was completely against National Socialism and Nazism, many in the group left because of this fact and support for the group and its leadership declined rapidly. In order to regain numbers for the future of the U.E.N.A. Russell made a desperate exception, he allowed non-fascists into the group. The group refused to allow Socialists and Communists into the group however.

Growth of Monarchism

Catherine Willoughby was a well known monarchist more than she was anti-democratic, She proposed a plan to von Hartmann that would allow him to regain control of the group he started. Wilhelm did not want to exile the ambitious Russell, saying "he has done much harm to this group, but he has also brought it much strength." This proposal introduced Wilhelm the idea that fascism was not the only option for ethnic European security. The idea proposed a monarchist option, a monarchy that co-existed with fascism, or a combination of the two.

Russell never learned of this secret proposal until the establishment of New Europe. To him all that occurred was a rise in numbers from new states and current ones.

Disolution and Election

Shortly before the dissolution of the U.E.N.A. Wilhelm revoked the exile of Kasey Honings and reinstated the government of Connecticut. With him, Honings brought much support for change and his government called for an election of officials and form of government. One by one states began to make the same calls for change.

Finally Russell agreed to a vote and after Wilhelm showed promise as a trust worthy leader again he was elected to be crowned Emperor. Russell was extremely opposed to the idea of a monarchy but accepted his political defeat. To every ones surprise, Wilhelm appointed Russell as Chancellor, which he accepted. It was then voted that the U.E.N.A. would reorganize to form a more country like system. This vote became the leading drive to what is now the Empire of New Europe.

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