Deputy Prime Minister of the North American Confederation

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Deputy Prime Minister of the North American Confederation
Amanda McCollum

since 23 April 2016
StyleThe Right Honourable
Term lengthPending constitutional convention
Inaugural holderKasey Honings
Formation8 June 2015

The Deputy Prime Minister of the North America Confederation is the official assistant of the Prime Minister in the North American Confederation and the second highest position in the Executive Branch. The Deputy Prime Minister is an office obtained through democratic election by the full population, and subsequently confirmed by the full North American Congress. The Deputy Prime Minister, pending an official constitutional convention, is appointed at the discretion of the Emperor and the Prime Minister.


The creation of the office of Deputy Prime Minister was a result of the political environment of the Post-Reconstruction era. The Emperor and the Prime Minister were worried that situations would arise in the future which would prevent either of them from properly engaging in the demands of government. To this end, they established the office of Deputy Prime Minister, to assist with the activities of government and act in the Prime Minister's stead when the Prime Minister is away. Emperor William I and Prime Minister Joseph Marx appointed former New European citizen Kasey Honings to the position on the 8th of June, 2015.

List of North American Deputy Prime Ministers

The title of Deputy Prime Minister was officially created on 8 June 2015[1]

Name Picture Term of Office Political party Prime Minister
1 Kasey Honings 8 June 2015 23 April 2016 Independent Joseph Marx
2 Amanda McCollum File:McCollum2016.png 23 April 2016 Incumbent Liberal (Leader)