Government Press Office (NAC)

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North American Government Press Office
Department overview
Formed 2011 (As Ministry of Media)
Jurisdiction  North American Confederation
Headquarters Indianapolis, Imperial District
Annual budget N/A
Minister responsible None

The Government Press Office is the government department in His Majesty's Government responsible for enforcing any North American media regulations, as well as representing that government to foreign and domestic presses.

The Ministry's principal objectives are to issue government press releases, maintain the Confederation's website and social media, and ensure a balanced and well-organized media landscape within the Confederation.


Despite the Confederation's founding in November 2010, the establishment of the Armed Forces did not occur until the late January, 2011, when Prime Minister Meek assigned Jacob Ramirez, the CEO of Soldier First Class Productions, to the position of Minister of Media. Unfortunately, the Micras Crisis soon led to Ramirez's resignation from the position and the Meek government's collapse soon after. left the position vacant.

When the government was reestablished in 2015, the position of Minister of Media was, initially, ignored. However, the development of the Confederation's website and its presence on social media platforms made the necessity of some permanent member of the government, who acted as the voice of that government, became necessary, leading to the establishment of the Government Press Office.

Government Press Secretary

Government Press Secretary of the North American Confederation

since 28 April 2011
StyleMr. Secretary
Inaugural holderJacob Ramirez as Minister of Media
Formation30 January 2011

The Government Press Secretary is an official within His Majesty's Government and head of the Government Press Office. While a Cabinet level position, the position of Government Press Secretary holds no official order of precedence.

Minister of Media (2011-2015)

The Minister of Media was established very late in the Meek government and was soon made vacant following the Micras Crisis. The position was formally replaced by the Government Press Secretary in September 2015.

Name Picture Term of Office Political party Prime Minister
1 Jacob Ramirez 30 January 2011 28 April 2011 Conservative Aaron Meek
- vacant 17 April 2011 30 May 2015 N/A vacant

Government Press Secretary (2015-present)

On the 30 May 2015, Prime Minister Marx replaced the Minister of Mediar with the Government Press Secretary, though the office currently remains vacant.

Name Picture Term of Office Political party Prime Minister
- vacant 30 May 2015 Incumbent N/A Joseph Marx

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