Orders, decorations, and medals of the North American Confederation

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The orders, decorations, and medals of the North American Confederation comprise a complex system by which North Americans are honoured by the country's sovereign for actions or deeds that benefit their community or the nation at large. A combination of its Canadian and American counterparts, the structure originated in 2011, but did not come to full fruition until reunion of Illinois and Ohio in 2015, with the establishment of the Order of North America.

The monarch is regarded as the fount of all honours—as he or she is the only person who may create new national honours—and acts as the Sovereign of all of the NAC's orders; he, or other members of the North American Imperial Family, will conduct inductions or present medals.

Order of precedence

While each state has its own award system, the following general rules apply to all awards within the NAC:

  1. Macronational awards or decorations
  2. National orders and awards
  3. National military campaign awards
  4. Military service awards
  5. Non-military service awards
  6. State level awards or decorations
  7. Foreign micronational awards

National awards or orders in ribbon form are worn on the right side of ones top.


By order of precedence

Orders of the North American Confederation
Award Criteria
Order of the Crown Awarded for "committing noteworthy actions or deeds in the service of the confederation"
Order of North America Awarded for "outstanding level of talent and service, or an exceptional contribution to the confederation"
Order of the White Lion Awarded for "exceptional merit in relation to culture, economy, and other designations"
Order of William Awarded for "distinguished personal service to the monarch"
Service awards
Award Criteria
Cross of Independence Awarded for "actively pursuing the advancement of the nation or deeds which promote micronationalism"
Korean Service Medal Awarded for "service in support of the defense of the Republic of Korea"
Service Medal Awarded for "service in the North American Armed Forces"

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