Nobility of the NAC

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The Nobility of the North American Confederation comprises individuals and their families recognized by the North American Confederation as members of a class of persons officially enjoying hereditary privileges which distinguished them from other persons and families.

Titles and ranks

Reigning titles

Titles and territories
Title Territory Heraldic Coronet
Emperor/Empress Empire
King/Queen Kingdom
Archduke/Archduchess Archduchy
Grand Duke/Grand Duchess Grand Duchy
Duke/Duchess Duchy
Prince(ss) Principality
Marquess/Marchioness March
Count(ess) of the Union County
Baron(ess) Barony

Noble families

House of Peters (Julian Line)

The House of Peters is a micronational noble family connected to the Empire of New Europe and North American Confederation. A German-American family from Brandenburg, the family immigrated to the United States in 1884. The family settled in Chicago where few remain today. The family is known to have served in the United States Armed Forces in every generation since 1917. The family divided into two junior lines during the early 20th century; the Julian line, descended from Julius Peters II, and the Ottoan line.

The current head of the House of Peters' Julian Line is Kenneth, the 4th Baron of Portage.

House of Hartmann

The House of Hartmann is the main branch for most members of the Imperial Family of North America. Wilhelm I originally intended to make this the ruling house of New Europe but instead formed a cadet branch (House of Hartmann-Peters) to allow a universal house to bridge both sides of his extended family.

The current head of the House of Hartmann is Rupert II, Prince of Prussia, Emperor William of North America's maternal grandfather.

House of Hartmann-Peters

The House of Hartmann-Peters is a cadet branch formed from the merging of two houses, the Catholic House of Hartmann and the Protestant Chicago (Julian) branch of the House of Peters. The Hartmann family arrived from Prussia as well around 1869. Members of the Peters family came in 1884. The Empire of New Europe was initially ruled under the House of Hartmann in early 2009 before the nation unified with several others to form the North American Confederation. The family as it is today was founded by Emperor William I by imperial proclamation on 27 April 2009, with the Hartmann's taking seniority in the line of succession of New Europe and the Peters for the NAC.

The House of Hartmann-Peters continues to be the Emperors of North America and are lead by William I of North America.

House of Marx

The House of Marx is a German-Irish Catholic family and later royal house founded sometime in the 1840s. The house would go on to produce numerous soldiers and other individuals of great renown before merging with the House of Langdon. The House first began to gather political prominence under Joseph Marx in the late 2000s when they became the princes, kings, and emperors of various Ohioan nations and eventually a landed house within the North American Confederation.

Upon the reformation of the North American Confederation in 2015, the House of Marx removed all Imperial titles and claims to Ohio and are merely a high ranking landed house within the Confederation, though they do maintain a heavy political presence in the region.

The current head of the House of Marx is Rev. Joseph Marx, who possesses the title of Grand Duke of Marx.

House of Birkett

The House of Birkett is a Catholic family from which Empress Alyssa is descended.

The current head of the family is currently unknown and possess the title of Duke of Birkett.

House of Petrowski

The Petrowski family is of Lithuanian origin. The current head of the family, Robertas, is Emperor William's maternal first cousin.

The current head of the family is Robertas Petrowski with the title Grand Duke of Petrowski.