Cross of Independence

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Cross of Independence
Awarded by New Europe and the North American Confederation
Awarded forActively persuing the advancement of New Europe or deeds which premote micronationalism
EstablishedNovember 26, 2012
Next (higher)Medal for Military Valor (New Europe)
Order of North America (NAC)
Next (lower)Medal for Merit of New Europe (New Europe)
Service Medal (NAC)

The Cross of Independence was a New European award. It was instituted in 2012 to reward meritorious achievements that strengthen New Europe as a whole. It is also awarded if one performs outstanding acts that promote micronationalism as a whole. It's heavily based on the Polish order of the same name with its ribbon mirroring it's previous design. After 2015 it was continued by the North American Confederation under the same guidelines.


The award is divided into two classes. The first class cross of the Cross of Independence is suspended by wreath attached to a ribbon with a width of 45mm which is worn around the neck. The ribbon is black with stripes of red near the edges. The ribbon bar of the first class is denoted by a rosette at the center. The first class is awarded to those who guided the struggle or persisted tirelessly for independence and sovereignty of either the nation itself or micronationalism as a whole with an extraordinary sacrifice and effort. The second class cross of the Cross of Independence is worn on the left breast suspended from a ribbon with a width of 40 mm, with colors identical to that of the first class. The ribbon bar of the second class is unadorned by any clasp or attachment. The second class is awarded to those who for a significant period of time or in certain circumstances defended the independence of the homeland, fighting for her recovery, or maintaining the functioning of institutions and traditions of the nation or another micronational entity.

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