Order of North America

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Order of North America

Collar and ribbon of a Companion of the Order
Awarded by the North American Confederation
CountryNorth American Confederation
TypeMerit order
EligibilityAt the discretion of the Emperor and Prime Minister
Awarded forAwarded for outstanding level of talent and service, or an exceptional contribution to the NAC and micronationalism.
StatusCurrently awarded
Established11 June 2015
Next (higher)Order of the Crown
Next (lower)Cross of Independence

The Order of North America is a merit order in the North American Confederation recognizing distinguished service to the Confederation and micronationalism. The order was founded on 11 June 2015 by Emperor William I and is the second highest honor awarded by the Confederation behind the Order of the Crown.


The Emperor is at the head of the Order of North America as its Sovereign. The Emperor consults with the Prime Minister on behalf of those he believes are worthy of membership. With the mutual agreement of both executives of government, the candidate is announced and awarded the honor by the Emperor or Prime Minister personally, being granted a collar and ribbon for the appropriate grade.


The Order of North American is divided into three grades, all having post-nominal letters. The highest ranking grade is that of Companion, followed by Officer, and finally Member. Foreigners may be fully admitted into the order at any grade, as the award is for service to the Confederation and/or micronationalism in general, regardless of citizenship. There are currently no limits to the number of any grade, and promotion is possible. Styles of knighthood are not granted by the Order of North America, as the award is a governmental order rather than a royal one.

Grades of the Order of North America:
Grade Companion Officer Member
Post-nominal letters CNA ONA MNA
Collars and Badges
Wear of the Order of North America:
Grade Companion Officer Member
Collars and Badges

Current Order Recipients

Companions of the Order of North America

  • Rev. Joseph Marx - 12 June 2015
    • Awarded for exceptional service to the North American Confederation and for his tireless devotion to micronational peace and prosperity.

Officers of the Order of North America

  • David Sarkozy - 25 September 2016

Members of the Order of North America

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