North American Liberal Party

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North American Liberal Party
ChairmanAmanda McCollum
Founded23 April 2016
HeadquartersWright, Greene
Membership (2016)2
IdeologySocial liberalism, Green politics, Gender equality, Secularism, Intersectional feminism
Political positionLeft-wing
ColorsTurquoise, White
Seats in the Senate
2 / 6

The North American Liberal Party, informally called the "Free Love" Party, is one of the major contemporary political parties in the North American Confederation.

Founded by political activist Amanda McCollum and other liberal members of the micronation, the Liberals currently represent the second largest portion of the political identity of the Confederation population, just behind the Centrists.

The party speaks for the liberal and left-wing citizens of the Confederation, promoting ideologies of gender equality, environmentalism, and modern social liberalism.


Name and Symbols


Chairs of the Liberal Party

# Chairman Term Start Term End State Notes
1 Amanda McCollum 23 April 2016 present Commonwealth of Greene Deputy Prime Minister of the North American Confederation, political activist.

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