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United Reichs of North America
2007 - 2008

Original three member states.

Capital Never specified

Official language English

Demonym European-American

Government ConfederateTriumDictatorship
King of Illinois William I
President of Connecticut Kasey Honings
Queen of Tennessee Catherie I

Currency U.S. Dollar($)

Historical era Pre-MicroWiki
– Established 18 January 2007
– Disestablished 12 June 2008

Succeeded by U.E.N.A.

The United Reichs of North America was the first attempt to establish a pro-white cause by individuals that have since become the leaders of the Empire of New Europe. The group and it original attitudes towards others and conduct as an organization has little or nothing to do with the present day system in New Europe.


The establishment of the U.R.N.A. is shrouded in mystery. It was established by three people, Wilhelm von Hartmann in Illinois, Kasey Honings in Connecticut, and Catherine Willoughby in Tennessee. These individuals had two things in common: resentment towards minorities in the United States and hatred for the present system in the U.S. They all believed that a non-democratic system was the only way to ensure the survival of the white race in America. At first, when established, the group believed in Nazi based ideologies. Ironically enough, each had different opinions on Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime. Two despised Hitler, but respected his methodes of government take over. One was a devout Nazi.

Von Hartmann's Wrath

Of the Original Three, the most respected was the most feared. Wilhelm von Hartmann, the King of Illinois, was known for his ruthless enforcement of policy and laws. And he was also the unofficial leader of the Three. Whenever the others needed something they would require his blessing. One man bravely defied Wilhelm and broke the most sacred law of the group at the time, the Law of Racial Mixing. The Law of Racial Mixing was the most strictly enforced. Though months of smooth and blind obedience brought prosperity to the group, it did not bring joy to Kasey Honings.

Honings was favoured most of all of Wilhelm's followers, but he did not believe in non racial mixings. And so he in secret dated a Japanese-American. Von Hartmann at first knew of her, but did not know she was not German. For the next month and a half Honings, quoting von Hartmann "Became more non German by the day." Until finally the young woman met with a personal issue that caused her to be sent to the emergency room. Honings went to Wilhelm for sympathy and support, and then explained that he had been hiding her true heritage from him. He then tried to explain more, but Wilhelm cut him off and called him a "Race Traitor" They argued for hours until finally Wilhelm spread the news across the whole group and stripped Kasey of his rank and powers, renouncing him as heir presumative and member of the group.

Kasey pleaded for mercy, but instead was cut off from the group completely. Wilhelm then completely dimantled Connecticut's place in the group until they no longer had any claims to it. At the time, people believed von Hartmann wasn't hard enough, but he couldn't bring himself to actually order the end to one's life. It is believed that von Hartmann did show mercy in secret, but it is unknown.

Fascism Reigns and Wilhelm's Absence

Shortly after the exile of Kasey Honings, Wilhelm apointed James Russell as Chancellor of the U.R.N.A. Russell was a devout Fascist, but anti-Nazi. With Wilhelm's blessings, he insitiuted laws that made Nazi symbols illegal for the group until finally Nazism was banned from the group. Wilhelm took action in his local school, with what few members there were. He engaged in a fight between a group of African-Americans and Anti-Nazi groups. The fight was so large that his personal life was destroyed. After learning of his intentions and why he started the fight, Wilhelm confessed that he went after that particular group for personal reasons. This reason is unknown to many it is believed that some in the New European government and Erusian government know.

This resulted in von Hartmann being suspended and sent to a psyciatric hospital. During his time there he learned to tolerate other races and respect other people's beliefs. While he was away, James Russell and Catherine of Tennessee were acting leaders. Catherine was a devout monarchist and laid the seeds that has since become the modern New European Monarchy. She and Russell both were anti-Nazi and saw this as an oppertunity to change the group forever, and they did.

Reorganization and Beginning of the end of Racism

Wilhelm did return and was immediately reinstated as King of Illinois. But shortly after he abdicated in favour of the recently elected James Colaianni. He instead created a group leader position for himself so that he could continue to rule. von Hartmann believed Fascism could be useful, but he also believed that fairness to the people was needed. And so he used his absolute power to completely reshape the group into a less racist and more open group; one that did not accept Germans only, but all Ethnic Europeans.

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