North American Imperial Family

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Arms of the Imperial Family

The Imperial Family of the North American Confederation consists of the present emperor, the empress consort, their child and the emperor's brother. The imperial family belongs to the House of Hartmann-Peters. The membership of the Imperial Family is defined by the Imperial House Law and consists of: the North American Emperor, the monarch's spouse, the monarch's siblings, and the heir to the imperial throne.

The NAC's Imperial Family should not be confused with the Family of the Emperor, which refers to the extended family of the monarch.

Ancestral Houses

Members of the Imperial Family

Members of the Emperor's Family

Imperial family tree

Peters coa 2016.png
House of Peters
Peters coa.png Emil, 2nd Lord of Berteau
b. 1933 – d. 1990
Almut Winkler of Hohndorf
b. 1938
Peters coa 2016 dame escutcheon.png Lady Jane Covell
b. 1935 – d. 1991
County of Hartmann.png
House of Hartmann
Peters coa.png Richard, 3rd Lord of Berteau
b. 1962
Chris Novack Coa.png Lady Christine Novack
b. 1964
Mr. Peter Novack
b. 1976
Peters coa.png Michael, 4th Lord of Berteau
b. 1965
Marie von Hartmann Coa.png Marie, Countess of Hartmann
b. 1967
Peters coa 2016 dame escutcheon.png Princess Amanda of Portage
b. 1991
Peters coa.png Lord Andrew Peters
b. 1998
Mr. Anthony Greco
b. 1989
Mr. Brian Greco
b. 1994
Hartmann-Peters small Arms.png The Emperor*
b. 1991
Alyssa von Hartmann small arms.png The Empress*
b. 1992
Hartmann-Peters small Arms.png Hereditary Prince Jonathan*
b. 1994
Mr. Marshall Greco
b. 2015
Prince of Ohio small Coa.png The Prince of Ohio*
b. 2014

* Member of the Imperial Family (as opposed to the Family of the Emperor, or extended family)

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