North American Army

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North American Army

Army banner
Active 2011
Country North American Confederation
Role Land force
Part of North American Armed Forces
Motto Nulli secundus
Second to None
Anniversaries January 1, 2011
Engagements Micronational War on Terror
General Field Marshal Jacob Benning

The North American Army is the land forces of the North American Confederation.

Rank structure 

Rank in the North American Army was structured off of the U.S. system with only minor differences in rank, and there duties at that rank. For example, a common micronationalist with no macro military experience was only able to rank up as high as a three star general. However someone with macro military service either prior or current was automatically given commission as a Field Marshal. Other things such as JROTC gave advances in rank for common micro soldiers from enlisted to officer. Any higher education would give them commission as General right away should the soldier request it.

NATO code OF-1 OF-2 OF-3 OF-4 OF-5 OF-6 OF-7 OF-8 OF-9 OF-10 Special

Title Second-lieutenant Lieutenant Captain Major Lieutenant-colonel Colonel Brigadier-general Major-general Lieutenant-general Field marshal Commander-in-chief
Abbreviation 2Lt Lt Capt Maj LCol Col BGen MGen LGen FM



NAA Service Uniform