North American Armed Forces

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North American Armed Forces
Badge of the North American Armed Forces
Founded1 January 2011
Current form27 May 2015
Service branches North American Army
Commander-in-ChiefEmperor William
Minister of DefenseField marshal Jacob Benning
Chief of StaffField marshal Friedrich Albrecht
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The Armed Forces of the North American Confederation are the united military services of the North American States, established shortly after unification of New Europe, Ohio, and Eniarku. The Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces is the North American Sovereign.


On November 28, 2010 the three micronations of New Europe, Ohio, and Eniarku united to form the North American Confederation. During the negotiations and even shortly after unification the question of the military was a huge debate. The biggest concern was how much control would regional states have over their own domestic forces, either in a time of peace or war. This debate still continues so long as no constitution is in effect to regulate how much control the confederate government can regulate. As of now the only united form of military service is the Ministry of War. Headed by General Field Marshall Juan Carlos the Ministry is responcible for organizing the united military services of the confederation to replace the regional armed forces of the states. However once completed states will have full domestic control of any soldiers stationed in their states as if they are their own militia. It is agreed however that in a time of war the confederate government assumes full control of military agenda's.


The Ministry of War serves as the administrative body of the Armed Forces. The various military forces of the North American States formed physically from the Eniarkian forces mostly. Ohio had the least amount of soldiers and structure to offer. New Europe had little to no military forces to add but had a huge command structure developed in New Europe's golden age. In practice the confederation adopted New Europe's military organization and added it at the national level to each military chain of command. Each state is responcible for its own recruitment, training, and obtain its own weapons. Each state military apoints a general or equivelantly ranked officer to make up the joint Chiefs of Staff. They coordinate the needs of each state level military and is headed by the General Field Marshall.

The North American military is divided into one branch: the North American Army. There are also small independent arms of service from the various Naval and Air Forces of the States. Each varying in quantity as well as size. New Europe's naval arsenal was mostly scrapped shortly before its collapse and relinquished remaining vessels to the Illinois State Police. Eniarku's naval power is not completely accounted for but has at least one confirmed vessel. The Armed Forces does plan to expand to include a formal Ari Force and possible Navy.

Army units

Name Headquarters Subunits
 State Military Police Milford (Vicis), Eniarku State Defense Force
Ohio Army Flag.jpg Cardinal Brigade Beavercreek, Ohio 1st Infantry Squad
Imperial guard of new europe banner.png Imperial Guard Corps Mobile 1st Expeditionary Platoon, 2nd Garrison Platoon
1st blitz div. banner.png Illinois State Police Chicago, Illinois Chicago Militia

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