Armed Forces of New Europe

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Imperial Defence Force
Armed forces logo
Armed forces flag
FoundedJanuary 21, 2009
DisbandedDecember 4, 2013
Service branches Army
Air Service
Commander-in-ChiefEmperor Wilhelm
Military age16
Foreign suppliersHasbro
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RanksArmy ranks and insignia

The Reichswehr (German for "Imperial Defense Force"); comprised of the unified armed forces of New Europe and their civil administration and procurement authorities. The States of New Europe were not allowed to maintain armed forces of their own, since the Constitution determined that matters of defense fell into the sole responsibility of the Imperial government.



The New European military was established the day after New Europe was declared an independent micronation. Its original purpose was meant for only protecting the Emperor and other heads of state. But during the crisis between Scientopia and New Europe in 2009, The Imperial Chancellor commissioned that all active military began training and preparing for war immediately. When the crisis subsided the Emperor canceled the Chancellor's order for mobilization, but allowed training to continue.

Creation of Cyber Warfare and Special Forces 

Scientopia declared war on New Europe on March 8, 2009. New Europe could not physically invade and fight Scientopia. So the Emperor instituted a new type of warfare. New European cyber warfare was designed to cripple an enemies ability to use any technology they had available to them. Then the Army established the Foreign Imperial Army Corps. According to military officials, the Cyber Warfare Campaigns against Scientopia were a complete success. And the establishment of the F.I.A.C. was made public but not the number of personel.

Military Expansion

By the end of May 2009 the New European military was considered the most powerful security force in the community. The commanders had access to cyber viruses and soldiers recruited from foreign countries. While the reformation began to sweep through the nation and the imminent dismissal of King Matthew of South Carolina as General Field Marshal other leaders felt it was time to push for military expansion. The government authorized full conscription to create a full time military. Private property such as boats and air craft of all kinds were now considered part of the Navy and Air Service. Custom ranks and ensigns were created along with alliances with other micronations made it so that by the end of the first reformation the Reichswehr was the unchallenged tool of the GUM. In recent months it has been made public that between May 2009 until June 2010 the New European armed forces were used by the imperial government to act as the sword and shield of the GUM under Robert Lethler. This was done so in accordence with secret agreements made with the Erusian government to weed out opposition to Lethler's experiment as well as New European imperialism. At its appex the military totaled at 140 personnel divided up between the three branches of service to also include their reserve components.

Service Branches

Imperial Army of New Europe

Imperial Navy of New Europe

Imperial Air Service of New Europe