Imperial Air Service of New Europe

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Imperial Air Service
Motto: N/A
Active: 1 May 2009
Military March: yet to determined
Previous conflicts: Anschluss von Nord Karolinen
Current conflicts: none
Marshal of the Imperial Forces: Emperor Wilhelm I
Minister of the Air Force: H.H. Graf Generaloberst Nikolaus von Bender I
Reichsmarschall of the Air Force: Matthew I, of South Carolina
General Information:
Headquarters: Chicago, IL
Active Personnel: 5
Reserve Personnel: 7

Imperial Air Service

The Imperial Air Service, also known to many as the Luftwaffe, is the last branch of the Imperial Armed Services to be conceived. Kaiser Wilhelm and König Matthias had always contemplated about the creation of an air service due to both of them having extensive knowledge in air forces and both being in AFJROTC for a long tenure. They decided that after the successful Annexation of North Carolina (Anschluss von Nord Karolinen) that the Imperial Air Service should be born. The I.A.S. is at the moment composed of unmanned drone aircraft, but there is ongoing negotiations for the procurement of manned aircraft. Both the Kaiser and König Matthias have trained in aircraft and are able pilots.