National symbols of New Europe

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Flag of New Europe
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Flag of New Europe
Name [Nationalflagge] Error: {{Lang}}: text has italic markup (help)
Use Civil and state flag and civil ensign
Proportion 3:5
Adopted 26 May 2009
Design A horizontal tricolor of blue, white, and gold.
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Variant flag of New Europe
Name [Bundesdienstflagge und Kriegsflagge] Error: {{Lang}}: text has italic markup (help)
Use State flag and ensign and war flag
Proportion 3:5
Adopted 26 September 2009
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Variant flag of New Europe
Name [Seekriegsflagge und Gösch] Error: {{Lang}}: text has italic markup (help)
Use Naval ensign
Proportion 3:5
Adopted 20 January 2012

The flag of the Empire of New Europe is a tricolour of three equal horizontal fields, blue on the top, white in the middle, and gold on the bottom. The flag was created in 2009 during the new European reformation and it is becoming a very important symbol in New Europe. When it was designed, it was meant to be an official representation of Ethnic Europeans living in the United States.


Meaning of the National flag

The national tricolor has three meanings in it. Blue represents ethnic European pride and unity as a people. White to represent the people themselves. Gold represents the richness of European history and various cultures.

Meaning of the Naval ensign

The flag in general was ment to be a tribute to the Confederate States of America. The reason being was because the C.S.A. was the first massive attempt to secede from the United States.

Meaning of the Greater coat of arms

The greater coat of arms is to represent the various cultures of Europe in their national symbols. Placed over them is a shield containing the flags of the European and North American Unions to symbolize the origins of the people and their present home. The "grand shield" is supported by two lions to symbolize the strength the people themselves carry to defend their cultures and history. The crown is to represent the nation's unity through a single unbiased leader, the monarch.

Symbols and Banners of New Europe

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Heraldry and Imperial Standards

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