Human Rights in New Europe

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Human Rights in New Europe refers to the conditions of citizens in the Empire of New Europe and how the Imperial Government treats them. Specifically, it refers to both how well protected the fundamental rights of New European citizens are and also to the level of Human equality and social justice in the nation. New Europe's history with White Nationalism has caused many to disregard the nation as simply a backwards, and racist regime with no regard for others. Recently the nation has been reforming its laws to mirror the laws of other micronations but within a New European context. 

Civil liberties

Freedom of Expression

Freedom of expression is described as being one of the fundamental rights of all citizens under the 2011 Constitution and as such an inviolable right. Article five of the constitution states that every citizen has the "right to express and to disseminate their opinion by speech, writing and pictures and freely to inform themselves from generally accessible sources".[1] Although censorship by the imperial government is legal, it can only be done if the "expression is deemed a threat to the state or the constitution".[2]

Equality before the law

In the past the government had no set conduct for law enforcement and under the Fascist government that ruled New Europe for most of its early existense, laws that were created were left up to the individual states to enforce them and in their own ways. Although fewer non-Europeans were citizens at the time they were treated as second class citizens. Under article three of the 2011 consitution it specifies that no citizen shall be either prejudiced or favored on the grounds of gender, parentage, language, homeland and origin, or position in society. Although it states that "Non ethnic Europeans shall be treated as equal human beings before the laws of New Europe".[3] This is used to specify that any non-europeans who become citizens will be given the same rights under the constitution.

Right of liberty

New Europe protects individual rights for personal development so long as they do not infringe upon the rights of other citizens. They also cannot offend against the constitutional order of the state.[4] Should these actions be made by citizen they are punished in accordence with the penalty for the offense in the state they claim citizenship.

Social equality

Racial equality

The constitution protects the "dignity of ethnic Europeans" living in the United States.[5] With that said New Europe is a nation for people of European descent. In the past New Europe had a policy of only allowing Germans join, followed by Europeans. Since its revival in June 2011 New Europe has simply become a white majority state but has no longer closed its borders to those not of European heritage. Although the government has never openly persecuted non-Europeans it was feared that there would be little minorities could do against nationalism in New Europe. The Socialist Party proposed a bill before the Reichstag. The bill was passed on July 1, 2011, it states that no citizens can join a nationalist group without the approval of the imperial government. This applies to all ethnic groups living in New Europe. If they are suspected of doing their citizenship is suspended until proven innocent.[6] In terms of the law, citizens have the right to an equal status before any law in the country. The constitution protects this right and no one may be favored or prejudiced for any reason.[7]

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