Cabinet of New Europe

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TheCabinet of New Europe (German: Reichskabinett) is the chief executive body of the Empire of New Europe. It consists of the Chancellor and the cabinet ministers. The fundamentals of the cabinet's organization are set down in articles 17 and 18 of the current constitution.


The Chancellor is elected by popular vote. Following the election, the Chancellor has one week to organize his or her cabinet. The ministers are appointed (and dismissed) Chancellor. Eventually, before taking office, the Chancellor and ministers swear an oath in front of the Reichstag before the Emperor.


The Chancellor is responsible for guiding the cabinet and deciding its political direction. According to the principle of departmentalization, the cabinet ministers are free to carry out their duties independently within the boundaries set by the Chancellor's political directives. The Chancellor also decides the scope of each minister's duties. If two ministers disagree on a particular point, the cabinet resolves the conflict by a majority vote.

Present Cabinet

The current imperial cabinet, consists of the following Ministers

Image Name Office Order No. Standard Party
File:Ikner 2013.png Johannus von Ikner Provisional Chancellor 1 Freedom Party
T.L. Hamilton Vice-Chancellor 2 Freedom Party
File:Vice duce.jpg Vaughn Bullock Minister of Defense 3 Independent
Alexander Kuhn Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs 4 Unknown
vacant Minster of Justice 5

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