Freedom Party of New Europe

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Freedom Party of New Europe
Freiheit Partei Neuropa
ChairmanJohannus von Ikner
FoundedMay 2, 2013
IdeologyNational conservatism, Third position
Political positionRight
ColorsWhite & Black
Seats in the Reichstag
0 / 11

The Freedom Party of New Europe is a far-right political party in New Europe. The FPNE was founded in 2013 by former Fascist Party Chairman Johannus von Ikner. In the New European political landscape, the FPNE is a third party that has entered into the Provisional Government, following the dissolution of the Nationalist government in early 2013.


According tp the party's founder, Johannus von Ikner, the FPNE is focusing on describing itself as a Heimat party. This means that the party promotes its role as a guarantor of New European identity. This identity does however seem to have roots in Prussianism. The FPNE has been described as right-wing populist, national conservative, and far right.

List of Party leaders

# Picture Name Term start Term end
1 File:Ikner 2013.png Johannus von Ikner May 2, 2013 Incumbent
First party chairman and former Chancellor.