New European Assembly Elections 2009

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New European Assembly Elections 2009
August 23 2009 2010 →

All 15 seats in the Imperial Diet
  Majority party Minority party Third party
Leader Johannus von Ikner Matthew Gillis David Bass
Party New European Fascist Party New European National Socialist Party New European Libertarian Party
Leader since February 6 2009 August 12 2009 August 19 2009
Seats won 8 seats 5 seats 1 seat
Seat change +8 +5 +1

Chancellor before election

James Russell

Resulting Chancellor

Johannus von Ikner
New European Fascist Party

The Emperor of New Europe announced on August 4 2009 that the country would hold its first national election for seats of Parliament (Reichstag). The election was open and free to all New Europeans who wish to participate in it. The first two political parties of New Europe were the NEFP and the NECP. On August 12 2009 a controversial third party formed, the New European National Socialist Party. This has sense caused many to wonder if the government is watching this party closely, have heavy restrictions on them, or does it endorse the party. More information about this third party as the time continues. On August 14, a fourth party formed, the New European Libertarian Party. The election was schedualed to end on August 23 2009, and full legislative authority will pass to the newly elected parliament on January 1 2010.


Members of the New European Facebook group are instructed to vote. They may vote publicly or privetly. To vote privetly they are to message the Emperor and inform him of their vote. Each member may vote only once or abstain from voting, the party with the most votes by the schedualed dead line for closing of the voting will be declared the winner of the election. This does not mean the "losing" parties receive no seats, it simply means they receive less seats than the winning party based on their popularity during the election.

Results of the August 2009 Election

Fifteen votes had been counted and the NEFP won the most seats in the election. Runner up was the NENSP. And a tie for third place between the NECP and the NELP.

  • NEFP: 8
  • NECP: 1
  • NENSP: 5
  • NELP: 1

Other Effects

The amount of votes total from this election would determine the total amount of seats in the New European parliament. And it allowed the creation of other political parties. The international community had hoped to see the creation of a socialist or communist party. But the Emperor's speach at the Erusian National Congress answered the question as to why one did not surface.