New European Imperial Assembly

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Imperial Assembly
NE minor coa 2011.png
HousesImperial Council of New Europe
Imperial Diet of New Europe
Political groupsNon-Partisan
Voting systemChosen by territorial politicians
Voting systemParty-list proportional representation
Meeting place

The Imperial Assembly was the parliament of New Europe. It was established with the first Constitution of New Europe in February 2009. It was reformed in May 2009 that regulated the Imperial Council and the Imperial Diet. In its final form the assembly had complete legislative authority and the executive branch requires its approval before actions could be made.


The Imperial Assembly was a bicameral system composing of the formal Imperial Diet and the Imperial Council. The Imperial Diet was the lower house of the assembly and was the actual legislative authority for New Europe. Their job was to propose, and vote on laws that may or may not be made into Law in New Europe. Political parties were elected to the Imperial Diet and the amount of votes the party received determined how many seats they had. The Imperial Council was made up of representatives from the individual states. When a vote was passed in the Imperial Diet it went to the council to see how this proposed law would effect their states.

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