Republic of Connecticut

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Republic of Connecticut
Connecticutian flag.png

He Who Transplanted Still Sustains
Capital Hartford

Official languages English, Spanish, Italian, French, Polish

Demonym Connecticuter

Government Constitutional Republic
President Ryan Lahiff
Vice President Vacant
Chairman of the Assembly Vacant

Legislature General Assembly
Seats 5

– First Republic 18 January 2007
– Fascist State 23 August 2009
– Second Republic 16 February 2010

– Citizens 1
– Residence 3,501,252 (2008 est.)

Connecticut is Constitutional Republic on the East Coast of North America. It is one of the founding states of the U.R.N.A. which was founded in early 2007.



Connecticut was founded by an interesting man named Kasey Honings, on 18 January 2007. Against the wishes of the other two leaders, he instituted a democratic government, that barely lasted a whole year. In total the Republic lasted until August two years after it was founded. What made the founder interesting was that he was the first one to ever stand up against the man who has sense become the New European Emperor.

1st Dissolution of the Republic

When President Honings fell from the grace of the Leader the few people in Connecticut lost their faith in his leadership. One week later the people overthrough the government and became part of the U.S. again.

Restoration of the Government

In the fall of 2008, President Honings made peace with the Emperor and paid his debt to the society. Upon his return some of the Connecticater members returned and reestablish the Republic of Connecticut.

President Honings resigns

On 15 March 2009, President Kasey Honings resigned from his office due to personal matters and left his office to his Vice President Tina Williams. As President, Williams continued her predecessors policies of slow cultural spread of the New European movement.

Reformation of the State

On 14 August 2009 the President Tina Williams was dismissed do to her inactivity by the Emperor and was replaced by Ryan Lahiff. As President, Lahiff intends to reform the democratic state into a one similar to that of Illinois. This change from democracy to fascism was completed on 22 August 2009.


The North American Confederation currently is in control of Connecticut.

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