New Europe's attitude towards White Supremacism

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Empire of New Europe

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Imperial Government

In New Europe, white supremacism is illegal however many assumptions about New Europe have been made. This article discusses these assumptions and resentments.

Past Accusations

When New Europe was first founded in January 2009, majority of the MicroWiki and other micronational forums believed New Europe to be nothing more than a bunch of racist children trying to hate. The New European government understood people would be hostile towards them because of their beliefs and ideas. At first little incidents occurred that gave the government the impression that this forum was biased in their own way.

The only micronation who took New Europe serious and treated them fairly was the historically famous U.S.M.R. And although officially wars declared ON New Europe have been over the fact they allow or have a dominant fascist ideological beliefs. But it is believed by many that another reason was because the wiki members simply did not agree with the young nation or bother to find out their motives.

And constantly even today, both on the internet and in person, New Europe and its people are met with ridicule and resentment because of their beliefs. abuse, both politically and personally are common to those who dare be open about their affiliation with New Europe. And New Europe has sense then adopted their infamous Anti-White Policy towards these kinds of accusations and call those who accuse them just as intolerant as the people they claim New Europe to be.

Views on Adolf Hitler and the 3rd Reich

New Europe has openly condemned the actions of [[w:Adolf_Hitler Adolf Hitler], the S.S. and the Nazi regime. However New Europe does not condemn the actions of the German Wehrmacht during the Second World War. Imperial Chancellor Johannus von Ikner has stated. "The Wehrmacht had nothing to do with the holocaust nor did they start the war. It was the government and the S.S. there for we see them as simply soldiers fighting for their country like all the others did at that time. And if they did commit actions against civilians, the allies did just as|much]."

Opinion on racist groups

New Europe is openly against [[w:Neo-Nazism Neo-Nazism] and racism. The government prohibits the display of swastika's, S.S. symbols, and Klu Klux Klan symbols. New European members are not restricted to being part of other groups dedicated to White|Nationalism]. They are however warned that if they do join a racist group and are caught doing so their citizenship in New Europe will be revoked. Most white nationalist groups New Europe investigates prior to casting any opinions about them and wither or not to brand the group as racist. If the group is believed to have their motives as well as their actions in the right place the government would allow citizens to join said group without fear of citizenship loss.

Anti-White Policy

The New European Anti-White Policy was enacted because of the constant racist accusations and [[w:Discrimination discrimination] against New Europe and its people. The policy though sounding harsh is in practice a "turn the other cheek" concept for the government. The policy used against a micronation or secession|movement] refuses to have ties with New Europe on the bases of their political beliefs or simply because they are white. And when a group after a total of four intentional attacks on New Europe for the reasons mention in the previous sentence, New Europe will no longer recognize or attempt any further dealings with that particular group.

In the event that the offending group continues to make ignorant, offensive, or racist statements to New Europe the government will issue an ultimatum to the group and if they do not comply the government will proceed with macronational lawsuits against the group or individual for [[w:Harrassment harassment] within the confines of the [1]] laws against it. If the individual or group is in a foreign macronation then the government will write to the local authorities to inform them of the issues.