New European National Socialist Party

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New European National Socialist Party
Neueuropäische Nationalsozialistische Partei
ChairmanMatthew Gillis
FoundedAugust 12, 2009
Membership (2009)3
IdeologyWhite Nationalism
National Socialism
Political positionFar-Right
Election symbol

The National Socialist Party is a political party in the Empire of New Europe that was founded in late 2009.

2010 Election

The national socialist party participated in the 2010 Assembly Elections. The party entered as the minority party, in the previous election they were met with an amazingly indifferent attitude. Some were concerned that they were simply Nazi's openly attempting to gain power but so far they have proven themselves not a racial based party, but and economical one.


The party, provided they win the election, has an agenda the wish to put forward to repair the government. Starting by installing a mercantilist economic system. Reinstating the Youth Programs as they were within the confines of the abolition of fascism. Pursue to expand the colonial empire, and improve white nationalism by text-book definition.

Claims not to be racist

The founder of the party, claims the party is not a racial one. The party only values the idea of national socialism on a political and economic level, not a racial one.

Thank you for allowing my Political ideas to be represented on the groups’ page, I would just like to clarify a few things with you before I post my ideas official on the group page. First and foremost I’m not I repeat not a skin headed Neo-Nazi scum that give real National Socialist a bad name. I prefer to think of my self and my ideas as classical National Socialism as apposed Neo-Nazism. So though I feel strongly towards the main goals National Socialism I do not lean heavily on the racial aspects of it to much. I have not nor would I ever say “Kill the Jews” as some other so called National Socialist shout at their feeble and laughable rallies, for these “Neo-Nazis” have given up on reason, and that’s why they and have never archive of value. You mite ask why not say join the Fascist, by I feel they do not go far enough to bring about the changes that are necessary.

— Matthew Gillis

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