North American Congress

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North American Congress
2nd North American Congress
Seal of the NAC Congress.png
TypeBicameral legislature
HousesNorth American Confederate Senate
North American House of Representatives
Acting President of the SenateAmanda McCollum, Liberal
Acting Speaker of the HouseJoseph Marx, Centrist
NAC Congress JULY 2016.png
Parliament political groups     Liberal (2)
     Centrist (4)
     Constitutionalist (1)
Parliament last electionNovember 2010
Meeting place
Various online venues
The current provisional congress is a unicameral system with all active citizens casting votes. The 2nd North American Congress will likely be established after the upcoming Constitutional Convention. After this, elections will be held. The only two confirmed parties at this time is the Conservative Party and the Liberty Party. Beyond the convention, a conservative-Christian party will also be created.

The North American Congress is the bicameral legislature of the North American Confederation. Until the impending 2015 North American Constitutional Convention, the Congress has no official structure. Informal talks on 13 June 2015 indicated the Congress would remain bicameral, including a senate and house of representatives.

Officially, the 1st North American Congress (2010-2011) was concluded with the dis-establishment of the North American Confederation in April 2012. With the reformation of the Confederation, the de jure Congress is the 2nd North American Congress, which is currently, pre-election and post-reestablishment, composed of no seats.