Ministry of Defense (NAC)

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North American Ministry of Defense
Department overview
Formed 2011 (As Ministry of War)
Jurisdiction  North American Confederation
Headquarters Wahiawa, Oahu Colony
Annual budget N/A
Minister responsible Jacob Benning, Minister of Defense

The Ministry of Defense of the North American Confederation is a government department responsible for implementing the defense policy set by His Majesty's Government, and is the headquarters of the North American Armed Forces.

The Ministry's principal objectives are to defend the North American Confederation and its interests and to strengthen international peace and stability. The Ministry also works with the General Inspector to manage the day-to-day operations of the armed forces, contingency planning and defense procurement.


Despite the Confederation's founding in November 2010, the establishment of the Armed Forces did not occur until the 1st of January 2011, with the establishment of the Ministry of War. General Juan Carlos was immediately appointed to the position and helped to lead the North American Confederation through the Micronational War on Terror. Despite initial military successes abroad, domestic issues led to General Carlos's resignation following the Emperor's abdication in April 2011. With the loss of the Minister of War, the North American Confederation found itself without a viable head for the Armed Forces and soon collapsed into the period known as the Interregnum.

With the appointment of the Marx government in May 2015 came the reformation nearly every ministry of government, including Ministry of War. On the 26th of September, Prime Minister Marx appointed General Jacob Benning as the newly reformed Minister of Defense.

Minister of Defense

Minister of Defense of the North American Confederation
Flag of the North American Armed Forces
Jacob Benning

since 26 September 2015
StyleMr. Secretary
Inaugural holderJuan Carlos as Minister of War
Formation1 January 2011

The Minister of Defense of the North America Confederation is an official within His Majesty's Government and head of the Ministry of Defense. The office is a Cabinet level position. Until April 2016, the position of General Inspector of the Armed Forces was held in conjunction with the both the Minister of War and Minister of Defense.

Minister of War (2011-2015)

The Minister of War was established alongside the Armed Forces and represented them in the political sphere. The position was formally replaced by the Minister of Defense in September 2015.

Name Picture Term of Office Political party Prime Minister
1 Juan Carlos 1 January 2011 17 April 2011 Conservative Aaron Meek
- vacant 17 April 2011 26 September 2015 N/A vacant

Minister of Defense (2015-present)

On the 26th of September 2015, Prime Minister Marx replaced the Minister of War with the Minister of Defense with the appointment of

Name Picture Term of Office Political party Prime Minister
2 Jacob Benning 26 September 2015 Incumbent Independent Joseph Marx

Defense policy

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