Cabinet of the North American Confederation

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The Cabinet of the North American Confederation is the collective decision-making body of His Majesty's Government of the North American Confederation, currently composed of the Prime Minister and five Cabinet ministers.

The cabinet is responsible for assisting the Prime Minister in the operation of the government. Though the Prime Minister is popularly elected, the other members are appointed by the Prime Minister with approval from the Emperor.


The cabinet was established during the first Confederation on 28 November 2010 with the appointment of Aaron Meek as the first Prime Minister and Joseph Marx as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. As the government progressed, more ministers were taken on.

However, the "Lethler Experiment" and the "Micras Crisis" created a power vacuum within the Confederation's government and it soon found itself entering an Interregnum period for around four years.

With the Reconstruction of the North American Confederation in May 2015, a new provisional government and cabinet was formed under new Prime Minister, Joseph Marx.

Current Cabinet

The current cabinet, consists of the following Ministers

Image Name Office Order No. Standard Party
Marx 2015.jpg Joseph Marx Prime Minister 1 NAC PM flag 2015.png Centrist
Amanda McCollum Deputy Prime Minister 2 NAC VPM flag 2015.png Liberal
vacant Minister of Justice 3 NAC Justice flag 2015.png
Alyssa von Hartmann 2011.png Alyssa von Hartmann-Peters Minister of Finance 4 NAC Finance flag 2015.png Independent
vacant Minister of Foreign Affairs 5
Jacob Benning Minster of Defense 6 NAC Defense flag 2015.png Independent
Freeman 2014.png Friedrich Albrecht von Aurora General Inspector of the Armed Forces 7 Military
vacant Government Press Secretary 8

Historical cabinets

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