Democratic People's Republic of Eniarku

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Democratic People's Republic of Eniarku
Coat of arms
Motto: "Look for the Best"
Anthem: USSR Anthem (Sung by the Red Army Choir)
File:Michigan, United States
CapitalVicis Special Administrative District (Vicis City)
Largest cityVicis City
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentSingle-Party Communist State
• - People's President
Aaron Meek
• - Premier
Mason Horn
LegislatureNational People's Congress
Establishment29 May 2009 (as the "Republic of Eniarku")
15 February 2010 (as the "Democratic People's Republic of Eniarku")
• Census
7,427,553+ territorial residents
87 citizens
CurrencyU.S. Dollar (Used)
Eniarkian State Credit (Not Used; Created)
Time zoneEDT

The Democratic People's Republic of Eniarku was a micronation founded on 29 May 2009 based out of Vicis-the capitol city-Milford, MI and Palma-Rochester Hills, MI. It is led by the People's President, Aaron Meek , and his best friend, the Premier, Mason Horn .

History of the Republic

The Republic of Eniarku officially declared independence as a separate state at 12:30 PM on 29 May 2009. Also on this day, President Aaron A. Meek sent a proper declaration of independence on the city, state, and country level, to the Mayors, the Governor, and the President. Also, this put the government of Eniarku in a frenzy to prepare their country. The government offices were immediately chosen, with the arrangements already made a month beforehand. The Republic has since grown slowly but surely, house by house, etc. Many people, adults included, have shown interest in the Republic since its founding as well.


The republic is separated into separate states, each of which have their own Delegate representing them in the Congress. Each state may have more than one Delegate at any given time, with the maximum being three. The states also have their own government, with a Governor leading such government.


Vicis is the capital city of Eniarku and is located in the Province of Greater Vicis. As such, it is the main administrative zone of the whole republic. The republic is mostly based out of Vicis as well. The State of Vicis is the area where most official business of the country is performed, such as formal meetings, etc. Vicis is the capitol of Eniarku, holding within it the Congress Building, the Capitol Building, and the Vicis District One Court. Its Governor is Mason Horn.


The State of Palma is the main judicial district within the People's Republic of Eniarku. It holds within it the Eniarkian Supreme Procuratorate, the Department of Justice, and the Headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Its Governor is Aaron Meek.

National People's Congress

The Eniarkian National People's Congress is the highest state body within the Democratic People's Republic of Eniarku, holding the unicameral legislative power within the republic. The NPC is led by the Executive Commissioner of the Politburo, with the incumbent being Aaron Meek.

Executive Committee

People's National Executive Committee - Meek Cabinet
Office Name Term
People's President Aaron Meek February 15, 2010 – present
Premier of the National People's Assembly Mason Horn February 15, 2010 – present
Chair of the National People's Assembly Vacant July 16, 2010 – present
Chief-of-Staff Mason Horn June 5, 2010 – present
Executive Commissioner of Finances Samantha Hindle September 23, 2010 – present
Executive Commissioner of Discipline Aaron Meek * February 15, 2010 – present
Executive Commissioner of Foreign Affairs Mason Horn May 29, 2009 – present
Executive Commissioner of Justice Aaron Meek February 15, 2010 – present
Executive Commissioner of Commerce and Labor Mason Horn January 29, 2010 – present
Executive Commissioner of the Interior Todd Meek January 29, 2010 – present
Executive Commissioner of Health and Human Services Aaron Meek May 29, 2009 – present
Executive Commissioner of Education Irene Walker September 30, 2009 – present
Executive Commissioner of Agriculture Vacant n/a – n/a
Advisor of the State Security Committee Anna Swanson * February 15, 2010 – present
Executive Commissioner of Homeland Security Anna Swanson May 29, 2009 – present
* - Acting
** - Denotes a non-EWP member participating as an independent.


The offices, departments, and commissions of the Eniarkian Federal Government are shown in a list below. By clicking on the link, you can e-mail the President to join an office, as long as you claim some land for us first. Offices will be added and taken off according to how many people we can get. Join an Office!.

Central Discipline Commission

Central Military Commission

Department of the Army

Department of the Coast Guard

Department of Education

Department of the ESOU (Eniarkian Special Operations Unit)

Department of Finances

Department of Foreign Affairs

Department of Homeland Security

Department of the Interior

Department of Justice

Department of the Marine Corps

Department of Medicine and Disease Prevention

Department of the Navy

Department of the Police Forces

Department of State Security