Eniarkian franc

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Eniarkian franc
ENF fan out 2.png
ENF fan out 1.png
Official usersEniarku flag 2015.png Eniarku
Pegged toUS$0.25
Banknotes₣20, ₣50, ₣100, ₣200, ₣500, ₣1000
Central bankNational Bank of Eniarku
PrinterNational Bank of Eniarku

The Eniarkian franc (sign: ; code: ENF; also abbreviated EN₣ and referred to as the franc or the former unprinted Enark) is the official currency of the Kingdom of Eniarku and its territories per the National Banking Act of 2017. There are no subunits, and the circulating paper money consists of double-sided banknotes. The franc is a form of fiat currency that is pegged to the U.S. dollar at a $0.25 : ₣1 exchange rate, and is printed and circulated by the National Bank of Eniarku.


Image Value
Colors Description
Obverse Reverse Obverse Reverse Date of Issue
EN 20 franc obv.png EN 20 franc rev.png ₣20 Green, purple n/a Coat of arms of Eniarku, Eniarkian lion 16 January 2017
EN 50 franc obv.png EN 50 franc rev.png ₣50 Orange, blue n/a
EN 100 franc obv.png EN 100 franc rev.png ₣100 Orange, blue, red Sir Isaac Newton
EN 200 franc obv.png EN 200 franc rev.png ₣200 Blue, purple, green Aristotle
EN 500 franc obv.png EN 500 franc rev.png ₣500 Green, orange, purple Thomas Jefferson
EN 1000 franc obv.png EN 1000 franc rev.png ₣1000 Orange, purple, beige Leonard Bernstein

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