Movement for Tradition

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Movement for Tradition
Diplomatic Alliance

Headquarters Not specified

Official language English


Flagv3.png New Europe
Micronationflag126.jpg Gishabrun
 Austenasia (temporary)
EniarkuFlag-Ukr2010.png Eniarku (potential)

– Established 17 October 2010

The Movement for Tradition is a political alliance established in 2010 when Wilhelm of New Europe returned to micronational life with the intention of reestablishing New Europe as a dominant micronation. A proposal was sent out to members of the Triune Alliance to establish an alliance dedicated to the maintaining of older wiki traditions, organizations, and beliefs. Eniarku showed interest in it and is considered a prospective member of the alliance. Currently New Europe and Gishabrun are part of this alliance. On 29 October 2010, Austenasia joined as a temporary member for 2 months, when the Chief Ambassador will decide whether to fully join the organisation or to leave.