Cantons of Eniarku

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The four cantons of Eniarku are the member states of the federal state of Eniarku. Each canton, at one point or another, was part of the United States until their territory was annexed by the early Republic in mid-2009. Since then, they have gone through various forms of statehood, including being completely sovereign states during the time of the empire, and some have been joined and disconnected with others numerous times throughout their history.

The name is derived from the French language word canton meaning corner or district.


In the earlier stages of Eniarku, the Republic and early Democratic People's Republic were composed of three states, with two "Special Administrative Districts" (which were areas that were under the direct control of the federal government). In the later months of the DPRE, the area of control was compressed to Oakland County, MI (which became the one and only state) as to maximize government control[1] and keep the nation from collapsing under the stress of governmental centralization. Soon after, the DPRE co-created and joined the North American Confederation as a state, and was then able to once again widen its territorial claims to cover the entirety of the state of Michigan. However, the confederation soon began to weaken internally as its monarch abdicated and two of its three states went inactive (Illinois and Ohio).

After the eventual dissolution of the confederation on April 28, 2011, Eniarku was reformed as a monarchy and divided into 16 semi-independent regions of numerous different statuses (i.e.- kingdoms, duchies, etc.), and leftover areas that were claimed by the government but far outside its realm of control were named territories. Finally, the empire began to collapse, and after nearly one month of almost complete inactivity, was reformed once again as the Eniarkian Confederation. The states and territories were temporarily assimilated as one massive state, and then once more divided into four cantons and two territories.


Each canton maintains its own government. Most of the cantons' governments are somewhat based off a presidential system. The leaders of these cantons go by various different names.[2] One canton, Vicis, is directly controlled by the federal government, and therefore has a de facto legislature, the National Council. The executives of all the cantons are directly elected by the citizens of their respective regions,[3] and are entitled to make decisions on behalf of their constituency. These decisions, however are subject to federal law as well as a power called federal veto, which is the ability of the Cabinet to negate a bill in a canton provided there is at least a 51% majority. They may also appoint an advisory council to aid them in drafting policy.

The current policy states that all the cantons may maintain their sovereignty provided it is not limited by federal law; therefore, the cantons retain all competencies and powers not delegated to the Confederation as a whole. Most significantly, the cantons are responsible for maintaining their general welfare, and receive law enforcement from the Armed Forces. The cantons and their governments reserve the right to create, merge, and abolish municipalities, as well as limit their degrees of autonomy.


The cantons are listed in no particular order, and the Confederation is listed at the bottom for comparison.

Arms Abbr. Canton/Terr. Capital No. Munic. Notes
EC Vicis coa.png VI Vicis Vicis City 2 Capital District; contains Capitol Building which houses numerous federal authorities.
EC Palma coa.png PA Palma Palmaire 2 Supreme Federal Court based in-canton.
EC Norton coa.png NT Norton Norton 0 ~
EC Postulo coa.png PS Postulo Ploe 0 ~
Eniarkian Confederation Emblem.png EC Eniarku Vicis City n/a ~


The territories of Eniarku are areas that do not contain administrative centers, or cannot be directly administered by the Federal Government due to distance or lack of means. However, these regions are still claimed by the government or the claims have been carried over from previous incarnations of the country, especially when Eniarku was a part of the North American Confederation.

The territories are listed in no particular order.

Flag Abbr. Territory Capital Notes
EC Indiana territory flag.png IN.T Indiana Territory Corydon Territory is administered directly by the Federal Government based in Vicis, unless federal officials are in-territory.
EC Kentucky territory flag.png KY.T Kentucky Territory n/a Territory is administered directly by the Federal Government based in Vicis, unless federal officials are near-territory (no administrative center in the territory).
EC Ohio territory flag.png OH.T Ohio Territory n/a Territory is administered directly by the Federal Government based in Vicis, unless federal officials are near-territory (no administrative center in the territory).


  1. During this period, the Central People's Government [of the DPRE] was beginning to widen its realm of control and display authoritative tendencies.
  2. The choice of title and style is left for the leader of the canton to decide, and the federal government later approves them.
  3. All cantonal executives except that of Vicis; the executive of Vicis is the Federal President, who is elected by universal suffrage.