Pymatuning Lake Islands

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The islands of Pymatuning Lake was a disputed territory between Empire of Eniarku and Westsylvania. The argument began when Westsylvania claim all of the islands in Pymatuning. With in 12 hours of the claim the Empire of Eniarku claim the islands. The two sides were in negotiation, and Westsylvania lowered the defcon level to 1.


Eniarkian Response

Immediately after Westsylvania's claim was noticed, the Emperor immediately contacted the government in regards to a breech of territory. The Eniarkian Government quickly raised the point that the Empire had control of the entirety of the state of Ohio since the dissolution of the North American Confederation, in the statement of which then-Prime Minister Meek made note that Eniarku would inherit its own territory, but that it had later contacted the now-defunct Republic of Ohio in regards to its current claims, of which was met with no response. As such, Eniarku had the right to lay claim to the state, including the islands, as they had not been claimed by any other nation (as of July 18, 2011). The claim was made, and twelve hours later was met with the Westylvanian claim.

Negotiations then began, and have continued since. On Friday, July 22, 2011, Emperor Aaron I of Eniarku proposed the establishment of a joint territory [on the island], giving control of all internal and external affairs of the islands to Westsylvania, while allowing Eniarku to continue its territorial claim there.

The End of the Dispute

After awile of negotiations Westsylvania and Eniarkian had ended the dispute with this treaty:

The Empire of Eniarku still consider the Pymatuning Lake Islands a dominion of Eniarku. However, Westylvania will have complete control over the area's affairs, and it will also be considered a part of Westylvania. This, to a certain degree, will even grant the people of the islands a limited autonomy, just for them.

Also Westsylvania must tell Empire of Eniarku when Westsylvania is having a military operation on the islands.