House of Peters

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House of Peters
Family Crest
CountryNorth America
New Europe
  • Prince of Peters
  • Count of Peters
  • Baron of Portage
  • Lord of Berteau
  • Lord Peters
FounderJulius, 1st Prince of Peters
Current headunknown since 1978

Julian line:
Kenneth, 4th Baron of Portage (2008–)

Ottoan line:
unknown since 1978
Foundingc. 1884
Cadet branches

The House of Peters is a micronational noble family connected to the New European Empire and North American Confederation. A German-American family from Brandenburg, the family immigrated to the United States in 1884. The family settled in Chicago were few remain today. The family is known to have served in the United States Armed Forces in every generation since 1917.


The Peters family originated from the Prussian province of Brandenburg. The American branch's founder was born in Brandenburg an der Havel in 1852. While genealogy is still ongoing the family is believed to have a history of military service in the Napoleonic Wars. In the 1880s, Julius Eduard Peters brought his wife and three sons to the United States where the settled in Chicago's north side. The family established itself as a working class family, mostly in carpentry and printing. The North American Imperial Family is in the male line of Julius' second son, Julius Peters II. Julius II's eldest son served on the Western Front in the US Army, starting a family tradition of military service that has lasted to the present day.

Micronationally the Peters family first gained nobility in the Electoral Kingdom of Illinois in 2007. Claiming the title "Baron of Norway". This was done unaware of the family's origin in Prussia not Norway as well as to give the reigning King's extended family a title, in 2015 the title was abandoned. The family held a place in the New European line of succession but were junior to the House of Hartmann. In 2015 the title Lord Peters was given to all male line descendants of Julius Peters I. The title Lord of Berteau is used by the head of the family descended from Emil Peters I, Julius II's fourth son while the title Baron of Portage is reserved for the head of the Julian line, those descended from Julius II. The head of the entire family is currently unknown but the title Prince of Peters has been reserved for this person.