Electoral Kingdom of Illinois

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Kingdom of Illinois
Illinois flag.png
The state flag of Illinois.

State sovereignty, national union
Map IL.png
Capital city Springfield
Largest city Chicago
Official language(s) English (de facto), German, Spanish, Polish
Official religion(s) Christian 75%, Jewish 1%, Muslim 1%, Buddhist 1%, Other/not specified 7%, Non-religious 15%
Government Elective monarchy
- King King Wilhelm
King James
- Lead Minister Allen Soltau
James Colaianni
Vaughn Bullock
- Chairman of the Assembly never elected
Legislature General Assembly
Established January 18 2007
Area claimed 57,918 sq mi
Population 12,901,563 (2008 est.)
Currency U.S. Dollar ($)
Time zone Central: UTC-6/-5
Location in New Europe

The old Illinois monarchy was short and yet had huge impact on the shaping of New Europe. Its political structure and ideology paived the way the rise of New Europe. And its instability gave way to the rise of fascism in its own borders.