Chicago Skirmish

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Skirmish of Chicago
part of the New European Civil War
Date: 21 November 2009
Place: Chicago, New Europe
Outcome: Fascist victory, fall of the New European monarchy. Declaration of the New European Social Republic.
New European Imperial Guard

Imperial Army (Chicago regiments)

Emperor Wilhelm I
Captain Soltau
Imperial Chancellor Johannus von Ikner
Commander Vaughn Bullock
Imperial Guard: 15
Imperial Army: 25
1 wounded 1 wounded

The Chicago Skirmish was a [[w:Coup_d%27%C3%A9tat coup d'état] that resulted in the fall of the New European monarchy. It was fought between the New European Imperial Guard Corps, lead by Emperor Wilhelm I, and the Chicago regiments of the New European Imperial Army, lead by Ikner].


The coup was planned out by Dux Lahiff, the Fascist Party leader of Connecticut. He had met with his cabinet in Connecticut and agreed upon the overthrow of the monarchy by using the military. He spent a month by using his power in the party to increase the tensions between the party and the emperor's policies. And then had secretly placed party members in the army close to the capital city.

Then Lahiff went to Imperial Chancellor Johannus von Ikner and explained his "issues" the emperor's increacing popularity in the [[w:Socialism socialist] and communist comunities. The Chancellor had felt certain disdain for the idea of a coup, but reluctently agreed. On the night of November 20, 2009, the Chancellor ordered the army to stand guard outside the various residences of the imperial|family].

The Skirmish

Final Peace Attempt

On the morning of November 21, the emperor received word of the army taking up positions in the city and took a platoon of the Imperial Guard to attempt to keep the peace. Upon arrival he discovered the chancellor addressing a crowd of soldiers and party members. Normally when he arrives the crowd goes silent and bows their heads out of respect, instead they shouted and sneered.

The emperor ordered the crowd to disband, and for the chancellor to go with him to the inside the palace to discuss the issues. The crowd continued to shout in outrage of the order, and the chancellor refused. The emperor then informally dismissed von Ikner as imperial chancellor and ordered the guard to arrest him.

Fighting Breaks Out

As the guards moved to arrest him, von Ikner drew his [[w:Airsoft Air Soft] pistol and fired two shots at the emperor, one hitting him. And then he ordered the army to attack the guards, the whole crowd exploded into a brawl of hand fighting and air soft shooting. Captain Soltau], who assisted in taking the emperor inside the palace, ordered the guards to go back outside and try to capture the now former chancellor.

When they did it was a slaughter of those who dared to step outside the main doors, and the soldiers stormed the palace. The emperor ordered a retreat from the city in order to establish a greater force to combat "these traitors" as he put it. As he began to flee von Ikner shot him three times from behind in the legs forcing him to fall, and the gun fire was to great for any guards to try and rescue him, and so he was captured. The remaining guards retreated to the Bolingbrook, 32 miles south of the city to try and protect the empress.


After his capture, the emperor was brought outside the palace and had a gun placed to his head. He was told to aknowledge the end of the New European monarchy and recognize the New European Social Republic, which had been declared some time during the skirmish, as the legitimate [[w:Succession_of_states successor state] to the Empire of New Europe. At first he refused, but then was beaten and shot until he accepted von Ikners demands.



He and the rest of the imperial family, with the acception of Prince Jonatan and Empress Katharina-Elisabeth who were under the protection of the Imperial Guard, had been given three days to pick a location and then move to that location for exile. They chose the [[w:Netherlands Dutch] island of [1]] as their location for exile.

On November 22, 2009, the new government declared the abolition of all state monarchies and all fascist party members to assume power in those states. This did not go over well, and the imperial army in those regions vowed to stand with those who would not bow to the usurpers, and Queen Catherine of Tennessee combined these soldiers with her own body guards and declared themselves the New European Loyalist Army. And with their intergration with those on North Carolina the New European Civil War had begun.