Catherine-Elizabeth of Canton

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Regent of New Europe
Regency14 June – 30 September 2010
MonarchWilhelm I
Empress of New Europe
Reign21 February 2009 – 21 January 2010
Minister of Foreign Affairs
In office
22 February 2010 – 16 July 2010
Succeeded byIan Kimmitt
Born5 September 1991 (1991-09-05) (age 32)
New Jersey, United States
HouseHouse of Geiser
FatherRyan Geiser

Catherine was Regent of New Europe and the New European Foreign Minister. She was also the unofficial Empress (Kaiserin) of the Empire of New Europe.

Pre-Micronational Life

Born Catherine Elizabeth Geiser in [[w:New_Jersey New Jersey], U.S.A. on September 5, 1991. Moved and lived in New York for four years. She moved around frequently due to her father's [1]] service. Until finally her mother and her settled down in Ohio. She would move once more to Illinois in February 2009, a month after New Europe was created.

Empress of New Europe

Catherine was declared the Empress of New Europe shortly after the abdication of Queen Catherie. She has also been prepared to carry out cerimonial duties that the Empress is set to conduct.

During an interview with the Imperial Chancellor the now Empress Catherine stated:

I am the kind of person believes that everything should have a chance. That all things are equal.

She is often seen as Wilhelm's polar opposite. As Wilhelm is conservative and aggressive, Catherine is liberal and shy. But both are equally stubborn about their beliefs and it is expect that she will have an impact on New European social affairs in the future.

Civil War

When the New European Civil War broke out on November 21, 2009, she was desperate to reach the emperor, but was unfortunately unable to. As the Fascist forces continued to expand across the country she remained under the protection of Captain Alan Soltau. Who had retreated and taken up a defensive position near her residence. Once news of the emperors exile reached them, she descided it would be best if she returned to Ohio. Although no exchange between the Emperor of Ohio and Empress Catherine took place, he was aware she was present in his country and happily accepted her being there.

After the war ended she returned to New Europe, greeted by the emperor and his guards. She was present at the Trial of Fascist Leaders and gave a testimony that was surprisingly forgiving towards Johannus von Ikner.

Though I am very much aware of his deeds towards our great empire. I cannot help but feel von Ikner was tricked and lied to by so many. And although his actions are inexcusable, and that his violence against the monarchy are vile. And what ever penalty your honor deems worthy is indeed necessary. I would like the court to be aware that I personally and on behalf of His Imperial and Royal Majesty forgive von Ikner. And only von Ikner, but none of the accused will receive pardons.


On the morning of January 21, 2010, she handed the emperor a letter of abdication and ended their relationship. This marked the end of her reign as empress. She was then told she could remain in New Europe on the grounds that she did not persue any anti-monarchist activities and remained out of the public eye. She agreed and effective immediately her reign was officially ended.

Return to politics

After a month of personal tensions between her and the Kaiser her restrictions were lifted and she chose to return to politics. Chancellor Soltau apointed her as New Europes foreign minister, the apointment was allowed on the grounds that her political beliefs not be made public. This caused some uneasiness in the day-to-day politics of New Europe and a proposal was presented to remove her restrictions. The proposal was later acctepted and she founded her own party. On March 18, 2010 it was announced that she would be made regent of New Europe in August of that year. However Wilhelm's date for leaving was rescheduled to June 14, 2010 and her regency began then.


Catherine became the New European head of state on June 14, 2010 after Wilhelm I left for military training with the U.S. Army. Her first act as regent is to host the Peace Summit that Wilhelm had organized before his leaving. She was also bound by the monarchal law of the monarchy being an unbias position and resigned as leader of the Leftist Party. She attempted to control the empire but only days after the Kaiser left, members of the F.I.A.C. simply became inactive. This became the case with each passing week, as she was unable to use New Europe's online resources effectively. Finally all was lost and New Europe collapsed some time in August 2010.

Titles and styles

After her abdication her title of Empress was stripped, but given the fact that the Emperor is still living she was granted the title of Princess Dowager of New Europe. And although she and the emperor rekindled their relationship for a time after the fact she was, upon request of the government, not remade Empress so that she can take on a different kind of role in New Europe. When the regency began in June 2010 her status did not change. In practice she is simply called Princess instead of Princess Dowager.

  • February 21, 2009 – January 21, 2010: Her Imperial and Royal Majesty The New European Empress.
  • January 21, 2010 – present: Her Imperial Highness The Princess Dowager of New Europe
Styles of
Empress Katharina as consort
Reference style Her Imperial and Royal Majesty
Spoken style Your Imperial and Royal Majesty
Alternative style Ma'am

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House of Geiser
Born: September 5 1991  
New European Royalty 
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Empress of New Europe
2009 – 2010  
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Jessica Brigan
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Regent of New Europe
June 14, 2010 - September 30, 2010  
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Minister of Foreign Affairs
February 21, 2010 - July 16, 2010  
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