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The following is a list of notable events and releases of the year 2020 of music in New Eiffel thus far.


Album cover for "!"




  • "!", album by DJ Zeddy featuring 6 songs[7]
  • "1st of June 2020", album by DJ Zeddy featuring 10 songs

In film

"05_14_2020_B" is an experimental song by the experimentalist artist known as Silver and the main song in the film Insaniam for when Hutts becomes insane as well as the theme song for the film. The song sounds like white noise. It was remixed by one known as Silver from an audio clip from a video game of characters voice acting. The song is fast pace and violent, and is meant to represent Hutts' final dive into insanity, from which he apparently cannot return.

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  1. Though Is Jacking Off a Sport? was also elected, the anthem was later repealed under a Ministerial Order.[2]
  2. Zabëlle did not release the song under his stage name DJ Zeddy, nevertheless it became his signature song.


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