Zero-Width Joiner (DJ Zeddy song)

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The correct title of this article is . It appears incorrectly here due to technical restrictions.
"‍‍‍ " ( ; a Zero-width joiner (ZWJ) character), also rarely known as "Invisible", "Nothing" or "Nothing Song" is an experimental avant-garde song and Zabëlle Skye's fifth single released under the stage name "DJ Zeddy". The song was released on 20 June 2020, and consists solely of 3 minutes and 57 seconds of silence; absolutely no noise appears anywhere in the song. Due to the song's title and concept, it could not be uploaded to Apple Music (for the name being a zero-width joiner) or SoundCloud because the song size was too small.


The title of the song is a zero-width joiner character, a non-printing character (a character that does not represent a written symbol) used in the computerised typesetting of some complex scripts such as the Arabic script or any Indic script; the character is thus invisible. The character, unlike a space, can be sent alone in messages on social media, such as Twitter, Discord or SoundCloud. Some websites may have a character limit or may not allow non-printing characters, for this reason, names such as "Invisible", "Nothing" or "Nothing Song" are used instead.

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