Raging Valentines

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Raging Valentines
Giraffe Concordat.png
The event in question revolved mainly around the Giraffe Concordat.
Date15 February 2020

Old Guard.pngGiraffe Concordat.png Old Guard Party/Giraffe Concordat

ESXROY2.pngLSC logo.pngRhino alliance.png Royalist Party, LSC and Lord Matthew

Raging Valentines was a series of events that occured on 14 February 2020, the term relating to the events was first coined by William I of Gradonia. At 20:00, the Giraffe Concordat, a political alliance between the Old Guard Party and the Weeaboo Rights Party, began their operation to seize power. It would end in the ruling of the Supreme Judge deciding that the Concordat (GC) acted in contempt of the Parliament of Essexia and the following vote of no confidence in former First Minister Finn.

Events leading up to Raging Valentines

The GC was inspired to once again try to seize power following the events of the Grey Weekend over a month prior. Primarily Earl Jack and Lord Jacob wished to end the reign of the Rhino Alliance and start a new period of reformation, in which various loopholes and ambiguities would be closed.

The Event

Currently undergoing structuring.