List of micronations in Texas

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Below is a list of active, inactive, and dissolved micronations in the US state of Texas. Note that "N/A" is used when information is missing, unclear, or simply none.

List of active micronations in Texas

Flag State Capital Pop.
Flag of New Texas.svg New Texas, Baustralia New Texas 3
Flag (48).png Texan Federation Houston 29 million
SaspearianFlag.jpg Saspearian Unueco 14
Flag of Florencium Carolina.svg Florencium Carolina N/A N/A
Noflag.png National Republic Of Miristan Greensmouth 19
Galveston flag.png Lone Star Galveston 4
Flag of Bradonia.png Kingdom of Bradonia Bradistadt 30
Southbend.png Reichsprotektorate of South Bend Summitt N/A
Flag of Dekker, Austenasia.svg Dekker N/A 6
Noflag.png Kingdom of Voldenstien Shedenia N/A
HER Flag.jpg Humanitarian Empire and Realm Sierratown 32
Noflag.png Kingdom of Plavonia Plavoningrad N/A
PRSflag.jpeg Parliamentary Republic of Stedfast Antheracts 3
Commonweath of dracul2.png Commonwealth of Dracul Bran District 174
Flag of Gradonia.svg Kingdom of Gradonia Charlington, Willvian 43
Flag of Ela'r'oech.png Ela'r'oech Da'a'ck 35
New esse flag.png Confederation of Esse Reme 5
6th Charleia Flag New.png Charleia Independona 125
New Monmarkian Imperial Standard.png Monmarkian Empire Großkaiserstadt-Königstadt 54
Uberesse.png Uber-Essian Union Reme 16
Flag of Cycoldia Real.svg Grand Republic of Cycoldia Empreton 200+

List of inactive micronations in Texas

Flag State Capital Pop.
Noflag.png Kingdom of New Texas N/A 6
Noflag.png Kingdom of Visoko Buralabin 40,000
Amagakarepub.jpeg Republic of Amagaka My House 5
Noflag.png The Imperium Perfectum N/A N/A
Flag of Marillösten.png Marillösten Förhoppning 2
Flag22012.jpg Democratic Monarchy of Zephyrila Zephyr R.D. 562
Acuña-Tesar Empire Flag.jpg Acuña-Tesar Empire Austin N/A
Galeciaflag.png Confederation of Galecia Akvo 1
Noflag.png U.K.S.R. Neue Carjal 13
Untitled123.png Kingdom of Kilan Crosby 10
Stratton Flag.png Kingdom of Stratton N/A 18
Xyrx.png Spaceist Dictatorship of Xyrx N/A N/A
Noflag.png Kingdom of Crusadia School Cafeteria 23
Noflag.png United Kingdom of Nottingham N/A N/A
Flag of Serendipity.png Republic of Serendipity Serendipity 48
Parabican Flag.png Republic of Parabica North Canal City 5
Noflag.png Clayicastan Bizcurktidaxtyl 16
Noflag.png Kingdom of Winstia Raria N/A
Noflag.png United Univist States Phoenix City 23
Noflag.png Republic of Gradonia N/A N/A
Noflag.png Republic of Grodania N/A N/A
Noflag.png Peoples Republic of Naun Carjal 8
Noflag.png Kingdom of Loxodia N/A N/A
Flag (2).png Grand Duchy of Broslavia Feltasia 14
Linmoor Flag.jpg Linmoor New Cardiff 8
CSA.svg Confederate States of America Union City 16
Flag of Sunsonia.png Queendom of Sunsonia Veraburg, Veranderen 10
GAFlag.jpg Republic of Greater Atlantis Stephenville 7
Slimesylvanian flag.jpg Unified Kingdom of Slimesylvania Caput 6
Wings flag.png Beiwing Wingsington, D.C. 6
Noflag.png The Meow Kingdom Purrtopia 4
Flaga Nilfgaardu.jpg Empire of Nilfgaard Nilfgaard 3
Galveston flag.png State of Galveston Galveston 11
Noflag.png Democratic Discord Republic N/A N/A
Noflag.png Kosnian Democratic Republic N/A N/A
Noflag.png Republic of Danvania Danvania City 7
SeveirianFlag.jpeg Seveiria New Saigon N/A
Camuria land flag.png Empire of D'visa Imperial Court N/A

List of defunct micronations in Texas

Flag State Capital Pop.
Flag of New Castile.png New Castile N/A N/A
Voin FLG.png Republic of Vöin Carjal N/A
The Bradonian First Ever Flag.png Bradonian State Bradonian City 5
Monkeyfreestate.jpeg Monkey Free State N/A N/A
HeimatianEmpire.png Heimatia Stuhlburg 52
Athens.png Nation of Athens Corinth 29
Noflag.png Kingdom of Procia and Provinces Bolzari 5
WK2flag.png Glorious Country of West Korea N/A 71
800px-Flag of Rockville, Maryland.svg.png Federated States of America Quincy 15