Republic of Amagaka

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Republic of Amagaka

Without ketchup, everything sucks.
Yellow Rose of Texas
North Texas
Capital cityMy House
Largest cityMy Living Room
Official language(s)[English]
Official religion(s)Christianity (Excluding Pentecostal)
Short nameAmagaka
Governmentone-party republic
Established3 July 2009
Area claimed75% of an Acre
Population5 (as of March, 2018 census)
CurrencyCharizard Cards
Time zoneCST
National sportSleeping
National dishCheeseburger
National drinkDr. Pepper
National animalOrange Cat
Patron saintSt. Andrew
This nation is not a member of any organizations.

Official Website

Amagaka, formerly called the United Bag of Amagaka, is a micronation located in the North Texas region. Both the United States and United Nations do not recognize it.



Amagaka was founded between Ethan, his friend, and their neighbor's cat, Duma. They adoped the first flag of the new nation. The Lowe's plastic shopping bag. Both were next-door neighbors.


Ethan's friend moved to Georgia, thus shrinking the nation by a third and the population fell by 33%.


His friend moves back to Texas, but not to Amagaka.


8 January: A new flag is adopted. 12 January: The flag was updated. 21 February: The official flag is finalized. 23 February: Vatican City feels threatened by Amagaka being the smallest nation on Earth, so the Pope sends his Catholic ninjas to assassinate King Ethan. It inevitably fails. 17 June: A naval flag is adopted.


January: Ethan considers spending his nation's GDP on 10 acres down in Central Texas creating the Amagakan Empire. 8 February: Ethan considers moving the national capitol to the new land.