Kingdom of Procia and Provinces

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The Kingdom of Procia and Provinces is a micronation located in Katy, Texas. It was pronounced defunct on May 8th, 2020


Full Name - Kingdom of Procia and Provinces

Short Name - Procia

Demonym - Procian

Population - 5 according to January 2020 census

Land Mass - 554ft. not including provinces

Government Type - Monarchy

King - King Ryan Snow I

Prime Minister - None yet

Parliament Chairs - Joy, Noah (more will be added Parliament can have 8 chairs)

Motto - Do It for Procia!

National Anthem - the Procians march valiantly

Capital City - Bolzari

Largest City By Population - Amarabaka (2)

Largest City By Land Mass - Tarraza (220ft)

Number of Cities in Micronation - 4

Official Language(s) - English

Official Religion - none due to freedom of religion

Established - 15 December 2019

Currency - Proc (roughly 0.5 USD)

Time Zone - UCT -7:00 (we go by military time though)

Calendar - Seasonal

National Sport - Football ( to most its soccer)

National food - Caesar Salad

National Animal - Koi Fish

National Tree - Oak Tree


on December 15th, 2019 Ryan Snow had announced Parliamentary Republic of Stedfast a defunct micro nation and sought out to make a better one. he founded the Empire of Procia and Provinces. While in search of allies the United Land of Noastan came to form an alliance with Procia, and be the first micronation to do so. On New Years King Ryan Snow I sought out to find a province for military use. this was Fort Piper Flecto.also on New Years we formed an alliance with The Kingdom of Begonia. A few weeks later we joined the Micronational Assembly in hopes of foreign relations.


Parents Day - February 28th

Earth Day - April 22nd

Oak Tree Day - May 3rd

Koi Fish Day - May 30th

Kids Day - August 10th

Founders Day (Procia) - December 15th

Christmas Day - December 25th

New Years - December 31st - January 1st

Defenses Force

We currently only have The Royal Air Force of Procia, but plan to get a army too.


the Proc is the currency of Procia and is 0.5 USD we currently haven't made our printing machine for currency fully functional yet.


Fort Piper Flecto


the Procian National Fotball Team or PNFT is the only sport practiced professionally so far in Procia, and is the National Sport.

Foreign Relations

United Land of Noastan - since December 16, 2019

The Kingdom of Begonia - since January 1st, 2020