Parliamentary Republic of Stedfast

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Parliamentary Republic of Stedfast
PRSflag.jpegFlagPRScoatofarms.jpegCoat of Arms

God bless Stedfast!
God Bless Stedfast
Capital cityAntheracts
Largest cityAntheracts
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)None
Short nameStedfast
GovernmentParliamentary republic
- Prime MinisterRyan Snow
- ParliamentDeclan Cole
Established1 December 2018
CurrencySted (roughly 1 USD)
Time zoneUTC-07:00
National sportWall Bounce
National dishSpaghetti
National drinkDasani water
National animalDog

The Parlimentary Republic of Stedfast is a defunct micronation located in Katy, Texas. It had a total land claim of 7,374 square meters with territories in Texas, Washington, England, and Thailand.


On 1 December 2018, the Parliamentary Republic of Stedfast was created by Ryan Snow, who became ad-intern President until January 1. Stedfast quickly began picking up strong foreign relations, with their first ally being the State of Malinovia who assisted them in entering the Pact of New Micronations (now Malinovian Union of Microstates and the Commonwealth of Allied States. Shortly after, they got involved in the War in Bakriland and SMK War, which were eventually both won. They started focusing on building the economy, until January 1 when Sovenstein declared war on the Commonwealth of Allied States, which started the Sovensteinian War. Stedfast was fast to take action with the United Provinces of Natlin, United Land of Noastan, and State of Malinovia. The war was eventually won and a peace treaty was signed. On January 15, 2019, Stedfast was changed for what could've been forever. The CAS collapsed, and the New CAS was formed. Threats from the Glorian Union forced the New CAS to make a decision on whether or not war should be declared. However, this situation was resolved peacefully. On 31 January, when looking for new allies, they now fell upon the Republic of Crowlandia, which together formed the N.H.M.P with New Sovenstein. A few months later, gay rights were legalized, causing and a suburb of Noahton (a largely homophobic area of the nation) seceded from Stedfast. This new nation (known as New Stedfast) later declared war on the Stedfastian government, escalating the situation into the Stedfast Civil War. New Stedfast soon surrendered, and the Treaty of Wentsafdets Hill was signed, allowing gay rights to continue in Stedfast and also dissolved New Stedfast. For a few months, Stedfast entered a period of inactivity, but in late September the nation made a comeback, ready to start again. The most recent big change came in the form of a government reformation from borderline oligarchy to parliamentary republic. after a few months of inactivity the Prime Minister concluded that the micronation was defunct and on December 19th, 2019 he gave all of his territories to the nations surrounding them, the territory of Stedfast itself became the Kingdom of Procia and Provinces.

Defense force

The Stedfast Military has three branches: the Stedfast Army, Stedfast Air Force, and Stedfast Police.


Wall Bounce is Stedfast's national sport. It also has football as a sport with a national team who play in the FMFA.


The Republic of Stedfast has three territory's so far; New Stedfast, Tsafdets, and Sabino.

National holidays

New Years Day - January 1st

Victory Day - January 3rd

Dog Day- October 29

independence Day (Stedfast) - December 1st

Christmas Day - December 25th