Pact of New Micronations

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The Pact of New Micronations
FormationDecember 4, 2018
Legal statusIn operation
HeadquartersPensacola, FL
Addison Dillon
Addison Dillon
Key people
Addison Dillon, 1st President of Malinovia

The Pact of New Micronations is a military and economic micronational alliance. Its founding members are The Republic of Malinovia, The Kingdom of Lululandia, and The Sovereign Federal Republic of Assassia. As of December 4, 2018, its membership was 3.


Member Since
Assassia December 4, 2018
Lululandia December 4, 2018
Sketch-1540953393549.png Malinovia December 4, 2018
Roadworkahead December 10, 2018
Stedfast December 9, 2018