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|} Clayicastan, Officialy the Baptist Republican State of Clayicastan, is a micronation consisting in Wyoming, and a few areas in Washington state and Texas. It has few allies, though it isn’t completely lonely. Though the Channel for Clayicastan only started in Mid September, current president Brandon Swigart found out about micronations in late July 2016. But Brandon officialy started the Republic of Parland, the name was suggested by the president’s sister, Bella Swigart. The country started on October 2nd, and, to this day, is still the Independance day of Clayicastan. Clayicastan has gone through a lot, and If you want to know more, go to the channel for Clayicastan.

Statistics The info

Go To the Country channel For the flag.

Motto “God is good, we are better.”
Population 16
Capital and largest city Bizcurktidaxtyl
States Capital County, Swing County, Foo Foo County, Texaco County, New Washington County.

Thanks! We will soon make a MicroWiki page on the Presidents of Clayicastan. Starting with: Brandon Swigart!