Republic of Greater Atlantis

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The Empire of Greater Atlantis
GAFlag.jpgJust you wait-1-1.png

flectere non frangere "Bend don't break"
United States of America
Capital cityStephenville, Texas
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameGreater Atlantis
DemonymAtlantian, Greater Atlantian
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
- LordshipHRM, Dominic Nettles
- King and LordsHRM, Dominic Nettles
EstablishedJanuary 14th, 2016
Population7 citizens (2016)
CurrencyCrowns and US dollars

The Empire of Greater Atlantis, or simply, Greater Atlantis, is an Empire, led by an Emperor.


See also: [1] The name, "Atlantis" (Ancient Greek: Ἀτλαντὶς νῆσος, "island of Atlas") is a fictional island mentioned within an allegory on the hubris of nations in Plato's works Timaeus and Critias, where it represents the antagonist naval power that besieges "Ancient Athens", the pseudo-historic embodiment of Plato's ideal state (see The Republic)



The Empire of Greater Atlantis was established by Emperor Dominic Nettles II, First of his Title and Lord of the Atlantians, on January 14, in the year 2016. Named after a former great empire during the ancient times, they ruled the West Mediterranean sea. The King became interested in greek culture and especially their mythos and adapted it as his own religion claiming to be a descendant of the god Poseidon feeling like he should revive the old patron city of his so-called "father" Poseidon. Naming it Greater Atlantis, he had hoped to build a lasting empire to pass to his descendants and that the empire would outlive even him or his children, it is called a micronation but the hopes for this empire is anything but "micro". The first Emperor and Empress is Emperor Dominic Nettles II and Emperess Katherine Day (soon to be Nettles), the two both have dreams to rise to the top and will help anyone who is willing to not hurt that dream.


The Republic of Greater Atlantis is an absolute Monarchy, led by its head of state (Emperor Dominic II). The King and Royal Family have complete jurisdiction over matters within the nation, but are usually advised by the Lords (whom of which are appointed by the King). Greater Atlantis is considered more of an oligarchical state, rather than an absolute monarchy.


Letzembourgish Flag.JPG The Grand Duchy of Letzembourg since 17 February 2016

ImvrassiaFlag.jpgKingdom of Imvrassia since 3 August 2016


Greater Atlantian citizenship is open to all. In order to become a citizen, one must complete the citizenship application. The citizenship application can be found here.

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