Dominic Nettles

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His Royal Highness
King Dominic Nettles II
Loyalty Above All
King of Greater Atlantis
Lord of Defense Lens Adolphe
Lord of Trade Fernando Mota
Personal information
Born 31 January
Orlando, Fl
Birth name Dominic Re Nettles II
Citizenship Republic of Greater Atlantis
Nationality United States
Political party Nonpartisan
Residence Republic of Greater Atlantis
Religion Believes in the Greek gods
Military service
Allegiance The Republic of Greater Atlantis
Rank Commander-in-Chief
Marshal of the Army,
Marshal of the Air Force,
Admiral of the Navy

King of the Republic of Greater Atlantis is the second of his name but first king of Greater Atlantis, is to be wed to Katherine Day and is believed to be a descendant of a god himself. The king is open to any diplomatic partnerships of any other micronations or possible alliances. To contact him or his advisors you would need to email him at: