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Republic Of Linmoor
Linmoor Flag.jpg

Capital cityNew Cardiff
Largest cityReykjavik
Official language(s)English, German, ASL
Short nameLinmoor
DemonymLinmoorian, Linmoorians.
Established10 June 2018
Population8 (2019)
CurrencyU.S. Dollar

On 10 June 2018 Omilitis Caleb Stephenson created the Athenist manifesto. The Athenist Democracy of Linmoor is a direct democracy, based in Prosper, Tx It is commonly called Linmoor in its past Linmoor was under Fascism, but reform happened after Linmoorian citizens began to become unhappy with there rights. Linmoor has a population of 6 people but is happy to accept anyone for citizenship. The black backdrop of the flag represents the hard working nature of the people, the red cross represents the blood of those who fought for Linmoor.


Currently Linmoor has no allies but seeks and alliance with Constitutional Monarchy of Bodeki. even though Bodeki has banned Immigration with Linmoor. Linmoor wants to become Allies with Molossia but does not have the resources. Linmoor does not recognize China and instead recognizes Taiwan


Currently the country is 50% Atheist 20% Norse Pagan 20% Catholic 10% Hindu the country runs on a secular system.


On 10 November 2018 Linmoor officialy had there government reform after being ruled under Fascism for only one day

On 20 December 2018 Linmoor created The Treaty of Mahania to attempt relations with Bodeki and was unsuccessful

on 9 January 2019 the decision was ratified to start production of the linmorian constitution and the population of linmoor had reached 6

On 10 January 2019 Omilitis Caleb Stephenson ratified Operation Conception.

On 29 March 2019 Omilitis Caleb Stephenson stepped down as Omilitis and Kade Davis leader of the Liberatarian Party of Linmoor took over as Omilitis

On 29 of March 2019 former Omilitis Caleb Stephenson created the Athenist Party Of Linmoor

On 31 of march 2019 Roman Salinas Created the Republican Party of Linmoor

On 1 of april 2019 The Athenist Democracy of linmoor changed its name to the republic of linmoor