Empire of Nilfgaard

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Empire of Nilfgaard
Flaga Nilfgaardu.jpgFlaga Nilfgaardu.jpg

God, Honor and the Fatherland

Texas, United States
Capital cityNilfgaard
Largest cityNew Kaon
Official language(s)Polski, English
Official religion(s)Christianity
Short nameNilfgaard
GovernmentEnlighted Absolutism
- EmperorMark Forester
- ChancellorPeter Hernold
Area claimed2000km²
Population3 (as of 1901 census)
CurrencyAmerican Dollar
Time zoneCET+1
National sportEuropean Football
National animalPhoneix
Patron saintSaint John Paul IInd
This nation is a member of the Trade Union


The Empire of Nilfgaard is a micronation founded on ((10 December 2018 in Gdańsk, Poland, as form of protest against bad politics of Polish Goverment)) .


Name was taken from the Witcher Trilogy, to recreate the fictional Empire into a real-life nation.


When the Emperor got angry and upset, more and more on the Polish Goverment politics, he decided to found the Empire of Nilfgaard, as a form of protest against too big beurocracy and too much taxes. It happend on 6 December 2018 and the constitution was written and passed by on 10 December 2018 by the both the Imperial Senate and the Emperor himself. Right now, the country prevails with no physical teritory and embassies.

Government and politics

The Emperor, Mark Forester is an absolute ruler, with Senate as his assisting hand and legislation body. The country have an hereditary monarchy with Forester Royal Family as the ruling body of the Nilfgaardian Empire.

Law and order

The Imperial Police of Nilfgaard is responsible for enforcing the law - and is heavily equipped (a side-effect of free gun access - they look more like a regime policemen rather than your standard American or European policemen. There is also Imperial Inteligence Bureau, responsible for protecting the country from enemy intelligence and performing intelligence operations against other nations. Imperial Security Bureau, is responsible for counterinteligence, but also works as the assisting hand of the Imperial Police in enforcing the law, as the secret police and is responsible for - as well - protecting the nation's border durning peace time. Nilfgaardian Royal Guard is the official name for Imperial Army's branch, dedicated to protect the Imperial Family, their home and their properties accros the world. They have the same laws as IIB and ISB officers durning peace time. Most important however, are the Imperial Armed Forces that protects it's country from attack of foreign invasions.

Foreign relations

The Empire's goal is to be included into the multinational community and be recognised as fully working sovereing state by all nations on the world.

State is currently not recognised by any country for now.


The Imperial Armed Forces take it's tradition from the Emperor's Fatherland country, Poland. Most of them, are trained in a way, special forces troopers are. More info soon.

Geography and climate

Lack of info... For now...


The economical system is based on free marked with litte to no regulations and smart tax policy.


The Imperial Culture, is highly influenced by Emperor's fatherland - Poland (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Culture_of_Poland).


RubikonSFM is recognised as State-runned YouTube TV Channell.. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTvlKYf7GKV5Es4sTz_cjtg under this adress the Emperor performs weekly streams with unregular basis.

Internet presence

Empire is present in the Internet under adress http://www.nilfgaard.cba.pl.