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Flag of Marillösten.pngNocoa.png

För ödmjuka och tjäna, Oss och andra (Swedish: To Humble and Serve, Ourselves and Others)
North Texas, United States
Capital cityFörhoppning
Official language(s)English
- KraftenMari
- Vice KraftenDoughNoot
Area claimed1km²
Population2 (as of February 25th, 2019)
CurrencyPengars (Separated into 60 medels)
Time zone(UTC)
National sportLacrosse
National animalCat
This nation is a member of M.E.T.A.L.

Government website

Marillösten is a micronation based out of the North Texas area. Founded in 2019 by KraftenMari, the country has a Kraften (leader of the country, head of state and government; currently KraftenMari) and a Vice Kraften (the Kraften's second-in-command; the vice president, if you will... currently DoughNoot). Currently recruiting members, the flag of Marillösten consists of a light purple winged circle on a background consisting of a purple stripe at the top, a white stripe in the center, and a blue stripe at the bottom. Merged with Arkovia on February 3 and withdrawn from the merger later in February, Marillösten then redesigned the flag and relaunched the Discord server. The nation now has 2 members, and a steady diplomatic communication with several nations, including Arkovia.


Marillösten originated from the founder's name, Mari, with "lösten", meaning "solution" in German, afterwards; one extra L is added in between simply for separation of the words.



In January 2019, Marillösten was founded by KraftenMari and DoughNoot. It was created initially for fun, after KraftenMari was invited to the Project Nations Discord server. It was not until later the two leaders of Marillösten would become serious.

On February 3, 2019, Marillösten merged with Arkovia.

Later into February 2019 (exact date unknown), Marillösten officially withdrew from the nation of Arkovia and re-established as Marillösten.

On February 24, 2019, the national flag was redesigned by the Vice Kraften, DoughNoot.