Kingdom of Kilan

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Kingdom of Kilan
Created and designed by Chancellor Cooper I,

Honor before Glory
Crosby, Texas, United States
Capital city Crosby
Largest city Crosby
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Christianity
Short name Kilan
Demonym Kilic
Government Absolute Monarchy
Legislature King's Council
- Number of seats - 5 (appointed, only 3 vacant)
Established January 1, 2016
Population 10
Currency U.S Dollar (de facto), Bitcoin (endorsed)
National drink Dr Pepper
National animal Phoenix

The Kingdom of Kilan is a self-proclaimed, quasi-independant entity located in southeast Texas outside of the city of Houston.

Proclamation of Good Faith

The king of Kilan, Drake I, and his most trusted advisor, Cooper I, have declared a Proclamation of Good Faith with the US government promising to uphold all the laws of the land in return for diplomatic friendship and eventually the recognition of a micronation. 


Kilan is an absolute monarchy whose sole power lies in the King. His "right-hand man" is Chancellor Cooper I. Together they have the final say in all things economical, judicial and legislative. 

The king has promised to delegate his authority if Kilan grows in size.

King's Council

The King's Council is group of four appointed members and the King. The appointed members include the Chancellor and three other Directors. They advise the king and help him decide what is best for the country.

Succession Law

Kilan's law requires that the oldest born child of the current monarch be the next in line to succeed.

On January 2 2016, King Drake I declared his Chancellor, Cooper I to be his heir until he was graced with a child.

Future Goals

1. Be recognized as a micronation by the US government.

2. Be allowed to fly our flag the same height as the American flag.

3. Be allowed to keep the royal titles.

Recent Events

On January 12 2015, King Drake I signed into law the "Regency Law" which stated that when the king is out of country that the Chancellor be regent until he returns.

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